All Change for the SLG National Committee!, Caroline Roche, SLG Chair

January is usually the time for new members to join the National Committee, as terms of office run for a calendar year, but this January has proved busier than usual!  Four of our wonderful Committee Members whose terms were up left us in December 2020 – Darryl Toerien, David Rose, Ellen Krajewski and Amanda Deaville. We were sorry to see them go and immensely grateful for all of the hard work they completed during their time with us.  We therefore had room for a few new members – and meeting virtually – at least for the next year fully virtual – opened us up to representation from international schools as well.

We are extremely pleased to welcome nine more members on to the National Committee, and they will all be lending their different strengths and voices to the work that we do.  

Sara Bloomfield (@sara13librarian) joins us from Chigwell School.  She is passionate about reading for pleasure, as anyone following her tweets will see.  She works with students on EPQ and HPQ qualifications, and will bring that strength and knowledge to the Committee.

Nick Cavender (@lib_cav) is joining us from Rickmansworth School in Hertfordshire.  Nick has been very active in YLG (Youth Libraries Group) and comes to us with a wealth of experience around reading for pleasure.  He is also passionate about information literacy and delivering resources to students online during the Covid-19 crisis.

Charlotte Cole (@CharlotteC1782) joins us from Stanground Academy.  Charlotte first came to our notice when she won a bursary to attend the CILIP Conference in November 2019.  Her enthusiastic tweets during the conference, plus the amount of learning she soaked up as evidenced in her blog post, made her a perfect candidate for the Committee.

Mary Rose Grieve (@HISchoolLibrary) joins us from an International School in Dubai.  She is going through Chartership at the moment and has been a keen participant in other SLG events.  She will be instrumental in helping us to reach out internationally.

Cassandra Kemp (@CassieKempSLS) is well known to many of you who follow her on Twitter for her enthusiastic tweets, with great ideas of what to do in your school libraries.  She works at Leicester SLS, and will be invaluable in ensuring that we reach out to everyone, especially our primary school colleagues.

Alison King (@avk1986) joins us from Kings Monkton School in Cardiff.  She answered our call for a Welsh school librarian to join us which Nick Poole tweeted out for us at a CILIPWales online conference.  We would love the other regions to be represented too, so at the next call out for Committee Members, please respond!  Alison is a published writer, so will bring her strong skills and eye for detail to our publications – as well as the other things we do.

Stephanie Rocchi (@stephjroc) is our second international librarian.  She works in an IB World High School in Italy.  She brings experience of IB working to our Committee, and an international perspective.  Stephanie also has excellent administrative skills and we look forward to working with her.

Prity Shah (@pritypretty) comes to us from East Barnet School in London.  She is passionate about representing the BAME community on the Committee, she has a wealth of experience to share with us from the various places she has worked in her career, and one of her strengths is in social media and blogging.  Her special passion is introducing her students to international authors.

Ishrat Wardill (@iwardill) is in the process of Chartering and will bring the experience of being relatively new to the Library world, to the Committee – a much needed viewpoint.  She also has a long experience of working in the City with IT and will bring that rigour to her work with the Committee.

I hope that you can see that we have nine brilliant new members of the Committee, with a wealth of different backgrounds.  All are keen to jump straight into our projects, and we hope that, despite lockdown, you will see a lot of great new initiatives from the Committee this year.

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